Mollie Bitcoin

Process secure payments using Bitcoin with Mollie. Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.80, 3.90


To install this plugin, follow this procedure:
1.Locate the root folder of your webshop. This folder should contain other folders like 'Administration, bin, Content, Plugins, Themes' and more.
2.Next open the folder 'Plugins'
3.Unzip the contents of the downloaded file into this 'Plugins' folder. The zip file already contains a folder for the plugin 'Payments.sisMollieBitcoin' so when you unzip make sure you select the 'use folder names' option.

Now your 'Plugins' folder should contain a folder named 'Payments.sisMollieBitcoin'..



To configure this plugin, follow this procedure:
1.Go to your nopCommerce administration environment.
2.From the top menu 'Configuration', select the sub menu 'Plugins'.
3.Click the button 'Reload list of plugins', usually located just below the right top of the screen.
4.After a minute or so, the list is renewed and you will see the plugin 'Mollie Bitcoin'. Its system name is: Payments.sisMollieBitcoin
5.Click on the button 'Install' at the end of the row and wait for the plugin to be installed
6.Now locate the plugin again in your 'Configuration' page.
7.Click on the button 'Edit', it's just below the plugin. Check 'is enabled' and save.
8.Back in the list: Click on the button 'Configure', it's just below the plugin.
9.In 'ApiKey:' copy your 'ApiKey, provided by Mollie.
10.Click 'Save'