ABN AMRO iDeal Easy

This payment module provides full integration between ABN AMRO iDeal Easy and Magento, allowing you to collect payments with minimal hassle. IDEAL is a widely used online payment method for payments in the Netherlands. Your customer selects his bank and calculates directly through his bank's internet banking. He can not reverse the payment. IDEAL uses the same security measures as banks for internet banking. Banks must comply with strict security standards. These standards ensure that consumer financial transactions are carried out safely. Therefore, it is very safe for your customer to settle online purchases with iDEAL.




  • specially created to integrate with ABN AMRO iDeal Easy.
  • can give the customer extra informative about the redirect in the checkout page.
  • Convenient

Stored payment info is good for your business.
• It simplifies checkout.
• It encourages your customers to keep coming back.
• It streamlines order management and integration (for compatible systems).



We are experienced, certified Magento developers. All of our code is clean, well-documented, and follows all Magento standards and techniques. We make sure to do things the right way.

Our source code is 100% unencoded (viewable source). When you purchase this extension, you get full access to view and modify the source any way you need to (within the terms of the license