Fashion Store Theme

Fashion store is a gorgeous theme designed especially for fashion webshop. Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.90

Demo site:


o    Extract the contents of your downloaded zip file and copy it under “Themes” folder of your site.

o    Go to the admin section (

o    Go to Configuration > Settings > General settings

o    Select new theme named “Fashion Store” from the default Store Theme.



o    Go to Configuration > Settings > Widgets

Configure Nivo Slider

Upload picture from the theme dir Images



o    Go to Content Management > Topics > Widgets

Edit    HomePageText
Upload image


Tool source control

<div class="grid">

<div class="gridtext">

<div>They're Back -- Velva Sheen Rolled Tees


<p>Shop up and coming brands and trendy men's clothing at Urban Outfitters. Keep your look fresh with the latest arrivals in men's clothing, accessories and shoes</p>


<p><a href="/"> SHOP NOW </a></p>



<div class="gridimg"><img src="<uploaded image>" alt="" width="100%" /></div>





Now, go to public store. You should be able to see the new theme on your website.

•Cross-browser support. Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome;

•Android/iPhone/iPad compatibility;